Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Yellowstone National Park & Drop Camps

Fly fishing is a traditional activity that many people enjoy as a way to relax and be one with nature. Here at Horsetrack Outfitters, we offer a unique way to experience nature and some of the best fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park.

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

If you’re wondering where to find the best places to fish in Yellowstone National Park, allow our guides to accompany you to the tributaries of the Lamar River, including Slough Creek and Pebble Creek. At Horsetrack Outfitters, we have access to some of the most remote locations in Yellowstone National Park that are perfect for fly fishing, where you will spend the day fishing for the most widespread native trout found in the park, Yellowstone cutthroat. Whether you’re fishing with a small group of people or as an individual, you will travel to your destination via horseback with a guide who will manage your horse(s) while you fish.


Full Day (6 hours)

$500/person – includes lunch

Drop camps start at $2000, price varies upon number of stock required

For more information or to make a reservation for fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park, contact us today!

Just as our horseback riding trips are private, so are our fly fishing trips. This way, we can appropriately accommodate you and your guests as opposed to a large group of people at once, which makes for a more relaxing, casual adventure.

We are located at the northern end of the park. With that said, your guide will meet you at the trailhead with the horses. From there, you and your guide will travel to areas of the Lamar River. At your discretion, we can also venture into Gardiner’s Hole, which is known for its gorgeous scenery, along with various other mountain lakes within the area that might be ideal locations for fly fishing.

We also offer a drop camp service! You select your campsite, and we pack you and your gear in! Rates are based on number of stock required to pack you in to your campsite.

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